Editorial Portraiture

One hour session. $500

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 Once we have a good grasp on your brand , implement visual research and mood board to come up with a cohesive look with color palette and ideas for images that communicate your brands message. Brand development and strategy. $750


Creative direction/production/styling 

I can come in and make your vision come to life for a photo or video shoot . From start of hiring vendors, to the last edit on the last image from start to finish I’m there to connect the dots and make your vision a reality. Creating great content for your site and social media channels $price inquire


Web design assistance

( For clients that hire Creative direction ) Put together the site with images and copy. consult on which image work best.


Social media branding /strategy

  Overhaul your instagram, teach you tips and trick for better images, mood board for ideas on content and strategic marketing for gaining visibly. My Social Media Services help people build their brand image, influence their market, convert followers into paying customers, and more! From helping a brand expand their reach, build brand right imagery, gain followers, and generate follower conversion, Instagram can be your biggest asset.



Digital Stock images

Don’t have the time to hire a photographer and need a site now? Packs of stock images available for business lifestyle sites. $see packs for pricing


Group Instagram classes

Instagram clueless? Maybe you need it for business or just want to have a better social media presence? Host a party of your house, for two hours I can help you and your friends get a better handle on your social media with a crash course on phone photography and marketing tactics. $45/attendee ( min of 10 and weeknights )