Why Women being naked is important.

So here we go. 

I posted some of these photos on Instagram yesterday knowing that, despite these images being clearly artistic, tasteful and empowering, that it would be taken down for the censorship of the female nipple. I knew it was coming, but I posted it anyway to get a conversation started. I was upset, not because my work has to be altered and censored in order to be viewed, but because of the message it sends that women's bodies are sexual objects, graphic, inappropriate, pornagraphic, etc. Male nipples are the same thing and never censored for nudity. And this isn't about wanting to have a nipple out, it's about demystifying the female body and unveiling the taboo around the over-sexualization of our bodies. That even we are fully clothed we are harassed, and sexual violence taken against us to only be asked " What were you wearing? " The taboo of our bodies makes the porn industry thrive. If we freed the illusion that this body wasn't a sexual object, financial empires would crash. When women are shamed for using their breasts to feed their children, the actual utility they were made for, it's largely because breasts in society are only seen as something sexual, so it's gross when they are normal. Therein lies the dysfunction. Hear me when I say this, it's not about wanting the right to show ourselves naked, it's about wanting to free ourselves from being shamed and the violence that's committed against us because our bodies are taboo or feared. They are powerful and delicate, grow life in our wombs, birth them and then feed them, on top of carry the burden that it's our responsibility to not tempt others to commit violence on them. If the female body is subjected to censorship when it's presented as powerful and artistic, it's because it's offensive for those who can't see how beautiful they are without sex being the intention. I can see tons of men with their shirts off without getting aroused because I'm used to seeing it. But if the rules where the same? That mystery of what's underneath might make most women see men differently. It's like when people turn 21 and get so wasted because they can finally drink, get so sick after because it was so taboo for them to drink but now they can, and they go out of control. But if your parents demystified the taboo and had wine on the table at dinner and it was something you had in your environment, you wouldn't feel the need to go out and get wasted, because what's the big deal? It's just alcohol.  But if boobs where everywhere in the same capacity that male ones are, it would be like "What's the big deal?" the taboo would be erased and sex wouldn't sell. Most of what's viewed of women is behind closed doors, fantasized and perverted but perversion can't live in the light...So welcome to the light show. 

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him… We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.
— John F. Kennedy

Religion and modesty is specific to each person's preferences, but I'm an artist. So the way I think is not according to what society demands because I have to constantly challenge myself to think outside of the box. It's necessary. And the type of artist I am, is not even political, but I always want to empower my subject. Bring light and beauty to the world and make a safe place for people to accept themselves. I knew going into this, this would be the issue, but knowing that people are still shocked by a female nipple, they will be less shocked the more and more they see it. This is why it's important for women to be naked. Our bodies to no longer be shamed, sexualized, and as natural as men's bodies. Welcome to freedom and taking our bodies back.

This only inspires me to shoot more work like this, like I've wanted to for years but had been too afraid of speaking my truth but that's all over now. There will be more of this. A lot more.